Select Prior Research Projects

Most Comprehensive Map of Mutational Signatures in Cancer

As part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium's Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG), we preformed the largest analysis of cancer genomics data ever conducted. We examined almost 25,000 cancer patients to identify the mutational signatures of the processes that causes the cancers in these patients. Our analysis revealed a multitude of avenues for cancer treatment and cancer prevention as well as provided a reference set of mutational signatures for the foreseeable future. Read More

Identified the Mutational Signatures of Tobacco Smoking

Analysis of 5,243 samples from 17 types of human cancer revealed the genomic and epigenomic changes imprinted by smoking tobacco cigarettes on cancer genomes. Our results revealed that tobacco smoking increases the mutational load of cancers in smokers both through direct and indirect mechanisms and imprints multiple distinct tissue-specific mutational processes. Read More

Revealed the Endogenous Mutational Clocks Ticking in Every Human Cell

Our analysis revealed that all cells in the human body accumulate mutations over time from two molecular clocks that generate mutations at constant rates. One mutational clock was associated with cell division while the origins of the second clock remain mysterious. Read More